To place ads on Heraldica

Increased volumes of junk e-mail and virus-infected messages have forced me to make it slightly less easy to reach me.

What ads on Heraldica?

My preference is for individuals or businesses who have heraldry-related products or services to offer. Heraldic artists (jewelry, sculpture, painting) are particularly welcome.

I charge a flat annual fee to place a small image (100 by 160 pixels or so) on my main page. Ads could be placed on other pages as well to reach particular readerships.

Why ads on Heraldica?

The only purpose of Heraldica is to provide information. I do not sell any products or services. I maintain this hobby on my time and money. The web site is rather large and it costs something to host and maintain.

I look to ads as a way to fund this hobby. Since I am not trying to make a profit, my rates are low, and I intend to limit the ads both in number and nature.

How to contact me

If you'd like to know more, send an e-mail to
where AT should be replaced by the @ sign.

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François Velde