To Contact Heraldica

Increased volumes of junk e-mail and virus-infected messages have forced me to make it less easy to reach me.

How to contact me

Send me mail...

at the following address:

You can't begin to compose the email by clicking on a link, or even copy-pasting the address: you'll have to type it out manually in your email application. Sorry.

...and fill in the subject line!

If you put something meaningful in the subject line, it will be easier for me to separate it from spam. Don't put "Question" but rather "question about a coat of arms" or something to that effect.

Why am I doing this?

If I write out the address or, worse, include a mail link, the address will be found by e-mail harvesters and included on junk emailers' lists; also, it will appear in the browser caches of thousands of Internet users where it will be found by viruses who will then send me infected mails.

Don't bother if...

I run this site as a hobby, on my (increasingly limited) free time. I also get a lot of mail. I do my best to answer, especially when someone points out a mistake or inaccuracy.

However, I will not respond to emails that:

  • ask me questions already answered in the FAQs;
    in particular, emails that ask what are my arms? or where does my name come from?
  • ask me for genealogical advice, or how to trace ancestors;
  • ask me questions unrelated to the contents of this site;
  • ask me to help with a term paper due in three hours.
  • The list is not inclusive.

    Sometimes I forget to reply, or reply weeks later. I apologize in advance, but once again, this site is a hobby that ranks well below other things on my list of priorities.

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François Velde