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HO 45 9841 B10982





No B10982

Date : 1 July 1891

Home Office

Proposed Marriage of HH the Princess Louise of Schleswig Holstein and Prince Aribert of Anhalt.

Directions to take the Law Officers’ opinion as to whether the Queen’s formal consent has to be given under 12 G. III cap II the father of the Princess Prince Christian having been naturalized 3 days before his marriage.



see attorney general’s opinion within saying the consent of HM is necessary, in which opinion the S of S concurs.


For precedent of a Rl Marriage and the several stages taken see B6877 [= HO 45/9811/B6877 ].  (the procedure in this case was irregular; see papers within).


The council office not having sent the usual notification respecting HM consent, the encd. opinion was taken. Council office informed verbally of the nature of the opinion. 1 July.


HM consent, warrant to Ld Chr, warrant to archbishop of Canterbury sent by spl messenger to Sir H Ponsonby on 2 July.


The Ld Chamberlain [?] Register [?] 2 July

asked Sir H Ponsonby to receive the consent & License 2 July

To Ld Chr sending consent for sealing 2 July

copy of consent to council office 3 July

consent & warrant to archbishop sent to Queen’s Proctor 3 July

Council at Windsor 3 July

Declaration license to [?] 3 July

HM consent & the license to Sir H Ponsonby 4 July

 - - returned 8 July

consent placed in H.O. box 8 July

License to Dean of Windsor 8 July



12 GIII cap II enacts that no descendant of the body of his late Majesty King George 2nd male or female (other than the issue of princesses who have married or may hereafter marry into foreign families) shall be capable of contracting matrimony without the previous consent of His Majesty, his heirs and successors, signified under the great seal and declared in Council.

It is fixed that on Monday next the marriage shall be celebrated between Princess Louise of Schleswig Holstein and Prince Aribert of Anhalt.

Prince Christian the father of Princess Louise was naturalized a few days before his marriage with Princess Helena the daughter of the Queen.

The Secretary of State desires to be advised by the Law Officers whether the consent of Her Majesty is required for the marriage.


Mr Mathews thinks the Queen’s consent is necessary.


1 July 91


I am clearly of opinion that Her Majesty’s consent should be given prior to the marriage of Princess Louise of Schleswig-Holstein.

1 July 1891

Richard Webster




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