The arms of the kingdom of Rumania, from 1872 to 1921, were:

Quarterly: 1. Azure, an eagle displayed, holding a sceptre, sword, and cross, in dexter chief a sun or (Wallachia); 2. Gules, a bull's head caboshed [i.e. full-faced and showing no part of the neck], between its horns a star, and in sinister chief a crescent increscent or (Moldavia); 3. Gules, on an open crown a lion rampant crowned and holding a star or (Craiova, capital of Oltenia or little Wallachia); 4. Azure, two dolphins affrontes, heads in base, tails in chief (Dobrudja). Over all Hohenzollern (quarterly, Argent and sable).

After 1921, the following arms were used:

Azure, an eagle displayed crowned or, armed gules, holding in its right claw a sword argent armed or, in the left claw a scepter or, in the beak a cross or; on its breast an escutcheon, quarterly: 1. Wallachia, 2. Moldavia, 3. Gules, a lion or issuing out of a bridge of two arches or, streams transfluent azure (Banat), 4. per fess azure and or, over all a bar gules, issuing therefrom a demi-eagle displayed sabel, adextre in chief of a sun or, and senestre of a crescent-decrescent argent ; in the base, seven towers gules (Transylvania, Siebenbürgen in German). In point, Dobrudja. (Source: Meyers Lexicon, 1902, 1929.)

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François Velde

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