Heraldic Tour of Rhodes


View of Rhodes from the east jetty of the old port.  In the foreground, the place where the Naillac tower stood.  In the center background, the palace of the Grand Masters. 

The Marine Gate (behind the trees) and the Palace of the Grand Masters behind.

Facade of the Great Hospital.

Street of the Knights, running from the Great Hospital to the Palace of the Grand Masters, and where most Inns are located (on the left, Inn of Provence, Inn of France, Inn of Italy).

The walls of the city between the Gate of Saint Athanasios and the Gate of Saint George.

Arms of the Grand-Master Emery d'Amboise in the center, surrounded by the arms of the Bailli Villiers de l'Isle-Adam to the left and ? to the right (quarterly two wolves passant per pale contournes and a castle).  From a portal of the Kastellania.

Arms of Grand-Master Emery d'Amboise, with inscription "DAMBOYSE MDXII",  the Amboise Gate.

Arms of Grand-Master Antonio Fluvian, from the facade of the Great Hospital built between 1440 and 1489.

Arms of Grand-Master Antonio Fluvian, from Saint Anthony Gate.

Arms of Pierre d'Aubusson at the gate Aghiou Athanasiou, with a griffon and a lion regardant as supporters.  Beneath part of the legend is readable:
DIVUS F[ra] PETRUS DAUBUSSON RHODIORUM MAGNUS MAGISTER and on the lower line, the date 1486.

Arms of the Grand-Master Pierre d'Aubusson, from the wall facing the port.

Arms of Grand-Master Pierre d'Aubusson, with cardinal's hat; from the wall facing the port.

Arms of Roger des Pins.  From the facade of the first Hospital, built ca. 1360.

Arms of Fabrizio del Carretto, facade of the First Hospital.

Arms of Villiers de l'Isle-Adam and a Bailli, courtyard of the Great Hospital.

Arms of Pierre de Corneilhan, from his sarcophagus, Archaeological Museum.

Arms of Rene Pot (d. 1498) on his tombstone, Archaeological Museum.

Arms of Roger des Pins, Archaeological Museum, Rhodes.

Arms of Juan Fernandez de Heredia, Archaeological Museum.

Arms of Philibert de Naillac, Archaeological Museum.

Arms of Crispi next to an angry-looking lion of St Mark, Archaeological Museum.

Arms of Philippe Villiers de l'Isle-Adam as Bailli, with inscription "POUR L'ORATOIRE 1511", facade of the Inn of France.

Facade of the Inn of England.  Top right arms are a chevron between ten ermine spots, bottom left are fretty on a chief three escallops, bottom right three pallets on a chief three roundles.

Facade of the Inn of Provence, with arms of Villeneuve (top right).

Arms of Grand Masters Helion de Villeneuve (left) and Giovanni Battista degli Orsini (right).  Ermou street.

Arms of Fra Andrew Bertie, Palace of the Grand Masters.

Modern arms of the Order, Palace of the Grand Masters.

Fascist heraldry: arms of the province of the Dodecanese on the left, per pale three fasces and a rose of Rhodes, on a chief the cross of the order; on the right, perhaps the arms of governor de Vecchi, who rebuilt the palace of the Grand Masters in 1937-39.

See also a heraldic tour of the 15th century Castle of Saint Peter built by the Knights of Saint John in nearby Bodrum, Turkey.

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