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François Velde

House laws of the Hohenzollerns

This page presents an overview of the history of the house of Hohenzollern.  The documents are in a separate page.


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Ducal Prussia held as a fief of Poland until the treaty of Wehlau (19 Sep 1657). Elector Friedrich III assumed the title of "king in Prussia", assured to him by the treaty of 16 Nov 1700 with the Emperor, on 15 Jan 1701, and was crowned as king Friedrich I on 18 Jan 1701 in Koenigsberg. The title was recognized by France and Spain at the treaty of Utrecht in 1713. The Holy See did not recognize the title until the 19th century. After the first partition of Poland (treaty of 18 Sept. 1773) which gave Frederic the Great "royal Prussia" (the part of Prussia hitherto in the kingdom of Poland), his title was changed from "king in Prussia" to "king of Prussia".



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