Bibliography of US Heraldry

Bolton, Charles K. Bolton's American Armory. 1927, repr. 1964, Baltimore; Heraldic Book Co.
Contains more than 2,000 names, based on tombstones, bookplates, silverware etc, and is therefore a good source on what arms were actually used by each family.
Burke's Landed Gentry. 16th ed., London, 1939.
Contains entries for 1,600 families of British origin.
Crozier, William A. Crozier's General Armory. 1904, repr. 1966, Baltimore; Heraldic Book Co.
Describes 3,500 names with genealogical data.
Mackenzie, Georg N. and N. O. Rhodes. Colonial Families of the United States. 7 volumes. 1907-20, repr. 1966, Baltimore; Genealogical Publishing Co.
Devoted to families tracing their roots to colonial times. Contains coats of arms where applicable (although no sources are given for the arms, nor is one assured that the families actually use them).
Matthews, John. Complete American Armoury and Blue Book. 1905-23, repr. 1965, New York; Heraldic Publishing Co.
More than 1,000 names, with some coats of arms.
A Roll of Arms Registered by the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Genealogical Society. 9 volumes. Boston, 1928-80; The Society. 10th volume: New England Historical and Genealogical Register Oct 1991 368--72, Jul 1992 281--85.
the arms were entered by the Society once it was satisfied that the family was entitled to using them. Only names and arms and, in recent volumes, a brief source, but it is fully illustrated. About 700 arms at present.
Spofford, Ernest. Armorial Families of America. Philadelphia, 1929.
Vermont, E. de V. America Heraldica. 1886, repr. 1965, New York; Heraldic Publishing Co.
500 families settled before 1800.
Zieber, Eugene. Heraldry in America. Philadelhpia, 1895. Repr. 1984, New YOrk; Greenwhich House.
The best textbook devoted to the subject, with emphasis on official heraldry of the US and the states, and on societies.


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