An Armory of Famous People: Miscellaneous

* Marco Polo (1254-1324):
Arms: Or a bend azure between four cocks sable
armed, beaked, combed and wattled gules.  Canting arms.
* Christopher Columbus * Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970): quarterly 1 and 4, azure a lion argent tongued and crowned or; 2 and 3, tierced per pale, a) argent three gall-nuts (noix de galle) proper fesswise, b) gules, and c) azure three trefoils or 2 and 1. [Comte de Puymège, Les Vieux Noms de France. Rietstap]
* Richard von Weizsäcker (b. 1920), president of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1984 to 1994: Azure from a terrasse vert issuant three wheat stalks or. Crest: a man issuant holding inhis right hand three wheat stalks or, his left hand on his hip. [Martin Wein: Die Weiszäckers, p. 19] * Charles-Pierre Frédy de Coubertin (1863-1937), organizer of the modern Olympic Games: Azure nine escallops argent 3, 3, 2 and 1. [Révérend, Titres et annoblissements de la Restauration, vol. 3.]
* Saint François de Sales: azure, two bars gules bordered or,
between a crescent in chief and two mullets in fess point and
in base, of the third.  Motto: Nec plus, nec minus.
* Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902): Argent within two bendlets a lion passant gules between
two thistles stalked and leaved proper.
         [A. Wagner.  Posthumous grant.]

* Pierre-Samuel Dupont de Nemours: quarterly: azure on a mount
vert a column argent, and gules a chevron or.
Dupont was ennobled by Louis XVI in 1783; he took the name Dupont de Nemours (from his constituency) to distinguish himself from other Duponts in the National Assembly of 1789-91. He went into exile in the US. There, his son Eleuthère-Irérénée, while hunting with Thomas Jefferson, noticed the poor quality of American gunpowder. Having been an intern with the chemist Lavoisier before the Revolution, he had the requisite expertise, and decided to set up a factory in Delaware. This is the origin of the chemical giant E.I. Dupont. [Jougla de Morenas. Rietstap]
* David Ricardo (d. 1823): gules a bend vair between three garbs or,
on a chief ermine a rook sable between two bezants.
[arms borne by his descendants; Burke's Landed Gentry, 1952]
* John Law (1671-1729): three cocks.
[arms as they appear on his seal, attached to a letter of 1727 in ms. 716, Bibliotheque Historique de la Ville de Paris. His shield is shown next to that of his wife Katharine Knowles (crusily a cross moline voided) and insigned with an earl's coronet. The descendants of his brother William, who settled in France, bore different arms, a bend engrailed between three cocks.] * Benjamin Disraeli: per saltire gules and argent, 1st field a castle proper with three towers, 2nd and 3rd a lion rampant sable, 4th an eagle displayed or. * Sir Winston Churchill: Quarterly, 1st and 4th field sable, a lion rampant argent, a canton argent with a cross gules (Churchill). 2nd and 3rd quarterly, 1st and 4th field argent, 2nd and 3rd gules a fret or. Each of the 2nd and 3rd field of the shield has a bend sable, charged with three scallops argent (Spencer). In honor point an inescutcheon of St George charged with another of France Modern. A crescent azure for cadency. Two helms, dexter a lion couchant argent holding a red banner with a white hand, sinister a coronet, and up from this the wings and head of a white griffin with a collar striped red white red. Around the shield a garter, under it a scroll: FIEL PERO DESDICHADO. * Armand-Jean du Plessis de Richelieu: Argent, three chevrons gules. Behind the shield an anchor (admiral), behind this a light blue sash from which hangs the insignia of a knight of the Saint-Esprit. Ducal coronet, cardinal's hat, peer's mantle. * Marquis de la Fayette: within a bordure vair, gules, a bend or. On the shield a marquis's coronet, below the shield the order of St. Louis. * Otto von Bismarck: Azure, a clover leaf or, three oak (?) leaves argent, one issuing from each corner of the clover leaf. On the helm a crown between two horns, divided blue/white and white/blue. Dexter supporter an eagle sable, crowned with a closed-type crown, having a shield on it's breast: quarterly argent and sable, and holding a banner, or, a bend sinister gules charged with three birds argent. Sinister supporter: an eagle gules, crowned with a prince's crown, having on its breast a shield: azure, a sceptre or, and holding a banner:gules, a bend between six crowns all or. The crowns are placed with their base parallel to and facing the bend, so lower three are upside down. On each wing of both eagles a yellow curve ending in three blobs. The supporters stand on a scroll, which reads IN TRINITATE ROBUR. Behind all this a mantle topped with a prince's crown. The mantle is the same color as the inside of the crown. I therefore suppose that it is purpure, though it looks brown. (Some of the elements of this are found separately in the book. I assume you recognise them.) * Ferdinand von Zeppelin: azure, a donkey's head argent. On the shield a count's coronet, above that a helm, on the helm a donkey's head argent issuing from a coronet. Supporters two eagles regardant argent, wings displayed and inverted. * Manfred von Richthofen (the Red Baron): per pale, dexter half per fess, upper field argent a wing gules, lower field gules, a crane with a stone in its left claw argent on a mound vert. Sinister field or, a bearded man argent garbed sable seated in an armchair gules, holding a staff (or a very large sceptre) or. On the shield a barons coronet. Two helms, each with a coronet. Crests: dexter a wing gules and a wing sable, sinister mound, bird and stone as in the shield, except that the bird in the crest faces dexter, while the one on the shield faces sinister. * Ignatius de Loyola, founder of the Jesuits: per pale, dexter half or, 5 bendlets gules, sinister half argent, two foxes rampant holding onto a pot hanging in a chain, all sable. Helm, mantling, and plumes, no crest. * UN Secretary General Trygve Lie: gules, a sword palewise hilt down, a quill bendwise sinister and a gavel bendwise, per pale, all argent. * The noble lineage Hammarskjöld, including UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld: or, two hammers sable handled gules in saltire between four pellets. Crest: two ironclad arms proper holding a hammer as in the shield. * Douglas Fairbanks Jr.: azure, two flauches connected by a bow or, directly on the shield a wreath, up from this the head of a white- headed eagle proper holding a spur or between two (olive?) branches. * Hernán Cortes: a bordure or, charged with a chain sable and 7 Indian's heads proper, within this quarterly, 1st field argent, a double eagle sable, 2nd sable, three (eastern?) crowns argent, 3rd gules, a lion rampant or, 4th azure, a city argent above waves azure and argent. In the center of all this a smaller shield: within a bordure azure charged with crosses argent, or, four pallets gules. * Francisco Franco y Bahamonde: Purpure, a bend engoulé of the heads of two "dragantes lobos" or (the "wolf-dragons" are a peculiarly Spanish charge). * Lech Walesa: Argent on a pale gules a fleur-de-lys argent between a crown or and a cross patty argent. Motto: Odwaznie i roztropnie (Latin: fortiter et prudenter). Mantling: argent and gules. Crest: an eagle rising argent crowned or. [created in 1994 on the occasion of the conferral of the Swedish Order of the Seraphim, by Adam Heymowski. See Acts of the 9th international heraldry congress.]
* Nicolas Sarkozy (Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa): Gules on a mound vert a wolf rampant proper holding in its dexter paw a scimitar or (Siebmacher, Ungarn).
(b. Jan 28, 1955, son of Paul (Pal), b. 1928 in Budapest, and Andrée Mallah, grandson of Georges Alexandre and Catherine Hélène Anne Thomas Toth.)