Iconographie Royale de France

Rois de France

Jean II le Bon (anon.).

Charles VII, by Jean Fouquet.

Charles VIII (anon.).

François Ier, by Jean Clouet.

Henri II (anon.).

Charles IX, workshop of François Clouet.

Henri III, by François Quesnel (attr.).

Henri IV, by Frans Pourbus II.

Louis XIII, by Philippe de Champaigne.

Louis XIV, by Hyacinthe Rigaud.

Louis XV, by Louis Michel Van Loo.

Louis XVI, by Antoine François Callet.

Louis XVIII, by Antoine Jean, baron Gros.

Charles X, by François baron Gérard.

Louis-Philippe Ier, by François baron Gérard.

Louis-Philippe taking the oath to the Constitutional Charter, Aug 9, 1830.

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François Velde

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