Republic of Austria

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See the page on the symbols of the Austrian Republic by Peter Diem (in German).

See also the arms of the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.

Arms of Modern Austria

The present arms are set out in the Austrian Constitution ( Section 1, article 8a (2)), which states:

The Arms of the Republic of Austria (Federal Arms) are: a free-standing, 
single-headed eagle sable, armed or and tongued gules, on its breast an 
escutcheon gules with a fess argent.  The eagle bears on its head a mural 
crown or with three visible towers.  Both legs are chained with a broken 
iron chain.  The eagle holds in its right claw a sickle or with the blade 
turned inwards, and in its left claw a hammer or.

Note that the eagle is free-standing, that is, not set on a shield, which is in keeping with German and Austrian traditions in matters of state arms. The escutcheon on the eagle's breast is, of course, the traditional arms of Austria.

Arms of the Länder

The University of Linz has an image-map of the Bundesländer of Austria. By clicking on each Land you can see its arms, its map and further links.

See also:

Nobility in Modern Austria

Nobility and all titles of nobility were abolished by a law of April 3, 1919. By article 149 of the Austrian Constitution, this law is part of the constitution.

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