Knighthood and Orders of Chivalry

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The following pages deal with knights and knighthood, as well as the related concept of order of knighthood, both in its original form as a medieval institution, and its modern form as an award of merit. See the introduction for a development of these distinctions.


  • General Introduction to Knights and Knighthood
  • Women and Knighthood in the Middle Ages
  • History of the Orders of Knighthood: a Survey
  • Specific Orders:
  • Bibliography

    Other Resources on the Web

  • Page on Chivalric Orders by Guy Stair Sainty, the most complete site on the subject (under construction.)
  • Orders of the World: a listing of existing and extinct orders of chivalry and merit, by country (under construction).
  • Official Web Page of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • A page of links related to the Order of Malta from the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.
  • The Orders of Chivalry Web Site, currently contains articles the British Orders of Chivalry, the Orders of St John (the Sovereign Order of Malta and on the four non-Catholic Orders of St John known as the Alliance Orders), the Order of St Lazarus, and the Order of St Stanislas.
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